Monday, October 21, 2013

classic Deakan

Grandma got to take Deakan to his first Soccer game. The first time soccer players all huddled around the ball and kicked each other trying to get the ball. When the game was over Grandma told Deakan as they were watching his older cousin play soccer.
"See how the boys are spread out all over the field?" "Your team needs to do that and pass the ball around instead of all crowding around it."
Deakan's response in his mature almost annoyed voice.
"Grandma if there were 20 balls out there we would spread out, but there is only one."

Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st Grade

Deakan is so brave and confident. He walked right into his new school on his first day with no fear at all. It makes if easy to go to the boo hoo breakfast and not shed a tear when your kid isn't nervous at all. He makes us so proud with how willing he is to try new things and do what we ask him to do. He has been going to school for a week now and last night when I tucked him into bed he asked
"Mom why do kids have to go to school?"
I gave him a typical answer, so you can get super smart and learn everything there is to know.
"Why can't kids just stay home and have their mom's teach them?"
Well not all kids have mommies that can stay home and teach their kids so that's why we have schools. "But I miss you when I have to be gone for seven hours every day."
After swallowing the lump in my throat I told him that I missed him every minute of the day that he is away from me, but his teacher at school is much smarter than me and will be able to teach him stuff that will make him smarter than me.
He liked that response, I think he's pretty sure what I said is true and he can't wait to be smarter than Ben and I. He thinks he's just about there already!
I can't believe how good he is at pulling my heart strings, for a brief moment I thought, oh no should I be home schooling my sweet boy? I mean he did get flashed by a group of older girls on his first day of school, is this my sign that I need to keep him at home to protect him? My better judgement reminds me that we are to live in the world, not of the world, and my precious son has so much to offer I cannot hide his light under a bushel. He is going to do fantastic things on this earth and I'm going to have to suck it up and try not to let my heart ache every minute of every day that I'm not with him.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My little fish

First stop Dole Plantation

 We all loved the pineapple ice cream.
 From the second we landed Deakan started hounding us to go to the ocean. We literally could not get there fast enough! When we finally stopped at the beach before we even checked into our condo. Deakan was in heaven. It was like he and the ocean were reunited like long lost friends. He is such a little fish, he just dove right in. Ben won the award for father of the year this week. There they are after wiping out in a huge wave with Deakan on his shoulders.

Watching the sun rise at Turtle Bay, and gathering sea shells.

Sunrise at Turtle Bay

 Deakan was my best poser by far.
  Deakan also found a great love for snorkeling. We asked him all the way home would you rather snorkel or... snorkeling won every time! He's been drawing different fish that he saw while snorkeling.
 Love this picture of the boys running up to the temple, melts my heart.
 Temple grounds were to die for.
 Making music with the bamboo sticks. Moo, my, moo, my!
 Samoa was our favorite island. We watched this guy crack the coconut, make fire and climb the palm tree twice! He is hilarious :)

 Deakan is so fearless. I love that he isn't afraid to try anything. There were a bunch of college students trying to climb the palm tree. Deakan was adamant about trying it out. We didn't know if kids were aloud but sure enough they let him have a go at it and he did pretty good.
 Another stop at the Dole Plantation.
 Once we checked into the Ko Olina Deakan got a feel for their pools and slide area. After that he was on his own. He love, love, loved the slide. He probably went down it a hundred times. Ben and I just relaxed and Deakan ran around swimming, sliding and making friends with who ever he met.
 One cup of cherries please!


 Deakan made this all by himself.

 Deakan is such a trooper, and an example to his younger siblings. He was so happy to be in Hawaii, even though he wasn't sure he wanted to go. I can't believe how smart and mature he is for his age. We had strangers comment on the airplane how smart he is. Poor kid was born in the wrong climate. He was meant to be in the water! On day four he looked at his arm and said "Mom, my skin looks cool." Yes it does! Everyone but Deakan got a little burnt at some point in the trip. He could swim all day if we let him. I'm so glad we got to take him to Hawaii again it was so fun to see him enjoying everything.
This is what a "red eye" looks like with three kids!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My eldest child

It's been a big year for Deakan. He started Kindergarten, he rode his first Ferris wheel, he has found a new love for lego's and sledding. He went skiing for the first time and became a big brother again. Deakan is truly the best first child I could have asked for. He is smart, obedient, independent and wise beyond his years. When I get frustrated with the kids he'll say "It's hard being the mom isn't it mom?" yes it is sometimes Deakan, but not to you. You are my helper and my peacemaker. I couldn't be prouder to call you my own. You are the best at playing with Reese in the car and the best at looking out for your little brother. A few weeks ago Maverik was asked to say the prayer in primary. He went and sat up front but when the time came for him to pray Mav froze. Deakan came to his rescue out of the audience and whispered in Mav's ear. When that didn't help he put his arm around Mav and said the prayer for him. I wasn't there to witness it myself but the primary presidency said it brought them to tears to see Deakan looking out for his little bro. You are such a quick little learner you have your first 3 articles of faith down and your teacher can't seem to keep up with you and the books you pass off. You are our official scripture reader at night before bed because you read so well. It makes me and dad so so proud.
I love how mature you are. When we were driving up the mountian to take you skiing the first time you looked out the window at a large snowy hill and said "I don't think I'm prepared for this." You are so kind and loving. You take such good care of your puppy "Licksers" you ask me to take good care of him everyday while you are at school. When Maverik get's hurt you always try to make him feel better. Usually by hitting yourself, which always makes Mav laugh. I can't wait to see what this year will introduce to you, and I have no doubt you will make us proud in everything you do.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

happy face

Pregnancy is starting to wear on me and I was extremely tired one evening. Deakan wants me to watch him alot, he has lots of tricks to show and not a very big audience. So after about an hour of trying to nap/rest on the couch while basically ignoring him he came to me and said "Mom watch this!" I said "I'm to tired to watch you do tricks, leave me alone for one minute." His reply was "Mom, you need to work on having a happier face." Yes, Deakan I do.

I dare ya

I had the Stake Relief Society over to my house to train me as the second counselor. It was mid morning so I assumed the boys would be fine just watching TV and playing. Well, they came into the dining room several times telling me they were hungry. I just brushed them off since it was in between breakfast and lunch. After about an hour of regular requests for something to eat Deakan came in and said "Mom, I dare you to make me something to eat." The ladies loved it so after they left I told him I'd make him anything he wanted. Blue heart shaped pancakes were his request. Funny boy.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Mom did you know when you get old you die?
Yes, I did.
So is Grandpa O going to die?
Not for awhile.
What's he going to live to, a million?
Most people don't live past one hundred honey.
How old is Grandpa O?
He's 62.
Deakan proceeded to count from 62 to 100.
See honey he's got a long time before he dies.
Yep, but he's the next to go.